Swift – First Impressions

After playing with Swift a bit here are my first impressions of the language. There is definitely a lot to like about it! There’s also a few things that annoy me. 😎 But first I’ll start out with a giving you a 1,000 foot overview of the language itself. Syntax aside, Swift and Objective-C 2.0 (as […]

Always an Easier Way

Previously in Avoiding an Objective-C Pitfall #1 I discussed a more stable way of creating singletons in Objective-C.  As with all things in the world of Apple there’s always an easier way and that way comes to us via two very powerful yet unnoticed (in the Windows and Linux communities at least) APIs that Apple has contributed to […]

Thoughts on GNUstep

For those that don’t know GNUstep is a project that started many years ago to help bring Objective-C to the masses using operating systems other than Mac OS X macOS.  Actually, Objective-C already existed on any platform that had access to the GCC compiler suite but what GNUstep sought to do was bring the primary […]

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