Helpful Swift Trick #1 – withoutActuallyEscaping(_:do:)

Within the Swift Foundation Library there exists a function called withoutActuallyEscaping(_:do:) that has, at least for me, become one of those hidden gems that is extremely useful for things beyond its original intention. As it's documentation states: Allows a nonescaping closure to temporarily be used as if it were allowed to escape.Apple Documentation - Swift … Continue reading Helpful Swift Trick #1 – withoutActuallyEscaping(_:do:)

This is Really Getting Stupid – And Scary!

Okay. I've really heard enough in this debate between the pro-vaccine and anti-vaccine people. Personally I have gotten the vaccine but I also don't want the government forcing people to get it either. It's a very dangerous precedent for the government to have that much control over us. History is filled with examples (*cough* American … Continue reading This is Really Getting Stupid – And Scary!

Please Take an Economic Class… or Two.

I am so very TIRED of seeing stupid posts like the one below. To me it shows one area where public education has completely failed our children by not teaching them important things like basic economics. This leads to our kids having this grossly fairy tale-like, over simplified view of economics. Our kids end up … Continue reading Please Take an Economic Class… or Two.

A Better RegularExpression

As promised a while ago I've sat down and hammered out a better replacement for Swift's NSRegularExpression class. As I said then, NSRegularExpression is not actually a Swift class but rather an Objective-C class that has been bridged over to Swift via Swift's excellent ability to interface with C, C++, and Objective-C libraries directly. But … Continue reading A Better RegularExpression