Please Take an Economic Class… or Two.

I am so very TIRED of seeing stupid posts like the one below. To me it shows one area where public education has completely failed our children by not teaching them important things like basic economics. This leads to our kids having this grossly fairy tale-like, over simplified view of economics. Our kids end up … Continue reading Please Take an Economic Class… or Two.

How the VIC/64 Serial Port Works

By Jim Butterfield Originally published in Compute! July 1983 (page 178) The Serial bus connects VIC or Commodore 64 to its major peripherals, especially disk and tape. The workings of this interface have been a source of bafflement to most of us.  We know that it's somehow related to the IEEE-488 bus which is used … Continue reading How the VIC/64 Serial Port Works

Documentation 😳

I've started using Jazzy to generate documentation for my Swift and Objective-C projects. If you do development on the macOS platform then I highly recommend using Jazzy. It's by far the easiest to use. Here's a sample: Rubicon ► Extensions ► String ► split(on:limit:)